The CiSe Platform is a decentralized digital administration system for circular companies wanting to focus on business rather than accounting or reinventing the wheel.

The CiSe platform could offer a giant leap towards upscaling the circular economy. It offers not only integration of supply chain partners in a pay-per-use business model, but also replicable and affordable structures compliant with legal, financial and accountancy requirements. Further development could lead to groundbreaking results for the circular economy.



In January 2020, the first proposal by Allen & Overy for the CiSe governance model and code of conduct was discussed within the Community of Practice. The slides presented can be downloaded here. A textual version is not available yet.


The basic idea of the technology that was used during the proof of concepts at Rabobank was built using a blockchain environment that runs smart contracts that are listening to event on equipment being used. Each usage event will trigger a reporting of the event to the blockchain and will result in automatic payment from the user of the equipment to the parties that are offering the equipment as a service.

Technical details are explained more extensively in our whitepaper.

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